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Dry Season in Phuket

What great weather we're having in Phuket right now! Well, it should be, this is the dry season - January and February are on average the driest months of the year, with February being the driest. Now January actually turned out to be the wettest for over 10 years, although it did not seem wet, I mean you don't notice much difference between a few drops and a few more drops. There were only a couple of rainy days, with a few rainy nights. February has started with all blue skies, some gusty east winds too. Weather just about perfect.

The last update on the Phuket weather blog was on January 26th. The Chalong Temple Fair was on, and we just had Chinese New Year on the 23rd. On the 27th, it looked like a very nice sunset was on the cards, so I stopped at Karon Beach before going home, hoping for a good sunset photo. The parasailing was still going on right up to sunset, and I was very happy to get some "parasailing at sunset" photos ...

Parasailing at Sunset, Karon Beach, Phuket

A quick aside : Just because it's dry season / high season does not mean there will be no rain. It did rain just a bit on Monday this week. I had customers in the dive shop who were horrified.. "but, but, it's dry season!" Dry does not mean 100% dry, and also, I hope this weather blog makes it clear, the low season / wet season is not all wet, you can have many glorious sunny days in July or August. You can get rainy days in December. All we can say is "on average" this is the time of year with best weather. Also best time of year for diving!

At the weekend from 28th - 30th January we had the Old Phuket Festival, 3 evenings in the old part of Phuket Town with music, dancing, street stalls, loads of food. Several streets were made into walking streets, and the crowds did come to enjoy! This is Thalang Road :

Thalang Road, 28th January 2012

The festival was combined with some Chinese New Year celebrations. It's the year of the dragon now, which Phuket people are happy about. Chinese legend says that the island of Phuket is a sea dragon, so we're all hoping for a lucky year! Many people were dressed in "olde style" Chinese costumes.

Chinese (Thai) Beauty

We had a couple of nice evenings walking around, munching street food, stopping in at the Kopitiam cafe for a coffee, watching performers, enjoying the old town vibe.

Fire Dancer

(above) Fire Dancer at the old Phuket festival

And all this week aside from Monday has been sunny, sunny, sunny. I better stop at the beach and take a photo today to prove it .. or just check the live webcams at Karon Beach or Surin Beach.

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Have a nice day!

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