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Heat and February Showers

Rain in February .. yes it does happen, but not much. And at the same time, February is not supposed to be such a hot month. This February has been HOT, I don't have the exact temperatures, but people keep saying "It's HOT, isn't it?" or "It's hot for February". And I agree. Feels more like April, which is well known for being hotter than 2 randy mice in a wool sock. February is still "winter" really. Snowing in large parts of Europe. Want some heat? See you in Phuket!

Last update on the weather blog was a week ago, and it was hot and dry. The hot and dry weather continued until the 17th, when rather unexpectedly there was a light shower of rain in the night on my house. Friends told me it was heavier in other parts of Phuket around Chalong and Rawai. A few drips of rain is no great surprise after so many hot days. But then Saturday night was REALLY wet. There was a long heavy shower in Kathu as I sat in the Lunchroom Restaurant watching the English football, and then later in the night, more heavy rain came along. More than 60mm total in the evening/night. Average for the whole month of February is less than 30mm!

Rained a bit more last night too, a heavy 20 minute shower in the middle of the night. Nothing to spoil your holidays. Don't let a little rain freak you out! If you want to guarantee a dry, hot holiday I can recommend the Atacama Desert in northern Chile. Phuket has a tropical environment. Yearly rainfall around 2500mm. Compare that to 800mm for Manchester (England) which has a reputation for being damp. New tourism slogan - Phuket, 3 times wetter than Manchester! Average in Forks, home of glittering vampires, is about 3000mm per year. So we're close to that! The numbers don't tell the full story. Rain here often falls in heavy short showers. There are lots and lots of sunny days with no sign of rain, even in low season. The Cullen family will not be moving to Phuket! Here's a sunset scene from this very evening at Kata Beach ....

Kata Beach sunset 21st February 2012

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