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March - Scorchio with some thunder

Apologies first for not updating the Phuket weather blog for 11 days - there are reasons for this such as being busy, and yet, also being lazy. Laziness has ended this week. I just went to Surakul Stadium this evening and ran/crawled 6 laps of the track. I'd never been for a run there before, but will use it again, lots of local people there plus some of the Phuket FC football team training. Their first home game of the season is on Saturday. I went a couple of times last year to watch Phuket FC and will try to watch a couple of games this year too (see Phuket FC on my Phuket blog. Anyway, nice evening for a jog, warm, but not too warm, no rain, though it might rain in the night.

This is a pretty typical March so far. Hot days, a few thundery showers here and there .. all in all we are getting perfect tropical weather. All the good bits, no nasty storms. Will be hoping this continues, unlike last year .. remember? End of March 2011 was WET, really WET. And here in Phuket we had it easy compared to the east coast of Thailand. Hope this March stays normal! With weather like we are having now, the diving is brilliant, most local divemasters reckon March and April are the best months to dive here, so please do contact me at Sunrise Divers for diving!

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So, yeh, apart from a very wet Monday morning, things have been hot and dry almost all the time in the last 10 days. Been a bit lazy with the camera, will really make an effort on Saturday (my day off) to get out and about. I did stop at Karon Beach on Sunday morning to snap some pictures on a perfect morning ....

Karon Beach. Perfect Morning.

Karon Beach Chairs

Beach bar, Karon Beach, Phuket

Goodnight from Phuket. Nighttime weather - still pretty warm, no wind. The Weather Radar shows no sign of rain tonight. If you like it hot, March and April - good time to be in Phuket!

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