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Patong Beach Phuket Webcam

There's been a Karon Beach webcam on the blog for a long time, and now there's a Patong Beach webcam, with thanks to my friend Wes who has set up a webcam company (Sawadee Cam). The picture updates every few seconds. The date and time seems a bit messed up at the moment, but the cam is showing live pictures!

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The webcam looks out to the west over Patong Bay from the 15th floor of the Patong Tower. So there's always a good view! You can see a bit of the beach and across the bay. Good for weather spotting! The luxury apartment that hosts the webcam is available for short term vacation rental. Visit for details. Wes is also putting up some timelapse videos from the webcam on YouTube - see Sawadee Cam on YouTube.

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