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Wetter Weather in Phuket

The weather does sometimes like to play games. I think Mother Nature reads this blog. When I indicate that the weather is OK, she sends rain. I mention rain, and here comes the sun. So, this update will mostly mention the rain. Because there's been plenty of it. Yes, low season is unpredictable. There are beautiful sunny days and cloudy days, and days with a quick shower and some days that are grey and damp and make people hide in their hotel rooms. We'd had some nice sunny days up to the 22nd, and on the 23rd I tweeted "Lovely morning again in Phuket", but it was just the morning, turned into a wet afternoon and night, with my rain gauge measuring 53mm.

In the week since the 23rd we've had about 200mm of rain, which is pretty damp. Quite soggy. Not 24 hour rain every day, but not too much sun either. I've not really been out with my camera. Enough to do at work, sorting out websites for the dive shop and some customers even wanted to dive in the rain, though there have been a few cancelled trips this week either due to the weather or lack of interest! Must have been very muddy for the Phuket Rugby 10's at the weekend.

You can always (unless they are broken) check the weather on webcams. On the blog I have a live Patong Beach Webcam and another at the Phuket Cable Ski which is not far from my house in Kathu. And on YouTube, you should check all the videos from Sawadee Cam - mainly timelapse videos from the webcams!

Here's the timelapse from Friday 25th - started very nicely, and I thought "that's the end of that rainy spell". But you can see it gets cloudier and a series of showers comes through.

Saturday - not a bad morning. Dropped our kids for music lessons (guitar and drums) and went into Phuket Town. I had read that a new museum had opened, all about the local Thai-Chinese culture. Seems the news was wrong. It was closed and did not seem to be complete either. Will try again sometime soon! Weather was OK and we started driving towards the Big Buddha, as we'd not been up there for ages, but a friend called and suggested a movie. Guess what our kids chose? Yes, the movie. All the kids went to see Men In Black 3, while my wife and I had a coffee and an ice cream and did some non-essential shopping. And maybe just as well... we could see hard rain through the windows of the Central Festival Mall. Buddha mountain would have been a white-out! A movie is a good plan on a wet day - you can find the movie schedule for the multiplex cinema at Central Festival here.

Hoping that the coming weekend is sunny. We plan a day out in Phang Nga province to the north of Phuket. Just drive over the bridge and you're there. A lot to see, and several places that I want to see. Need some new "blog food" for Jamie's Phuket :)

One of the few photos I took this week.. Parked my car at work a couple of days ago and right next to the passenger window was this little guy:


Healthy snack? My breakfast some mornings ... On the street near the dive shop there's always a fruit stall ...

Fruit Stalll on the Street

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Finally, I just want to say "Lady Gaga". Should get a few hits on Google. She was in Bangkok. And tomorrow Aung San Suu Kyi is coming to Bangkok, and somehow nobody's getting quite as excited as they were for Gaga.

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