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Yes, the low season can be quite nice!

OK, so we had a bunch of wet, windy, rather cr*ppy days when the low season started about 2 weeks ago, that's quite normal, a burst of wet weather and then it all settles down. Low season is a mix of sunny days, rainy days and in between days. It's very rarely terrible weather, much more often you get sun, some quick showers and the sea might be a bit bouncy sometimes. Here's what you need for the low season in Phuket : Factor 30 sun lotion and an umbrella. It's not that often that the weather will stop you from enjoying the day. Don't hide when a few drops of rain fall, it hardly ever lasts all day. The low season is OK most of the time. And, unless you are the wicked witch of the West, you won't melt in the rain.

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I tend to mention the weather on Twitter almost every day (follow me @JamieMonk) - so I can look back at the last 7 days worth of Tweets and pick out the weather related notes, just in case I forget the details (and I do). From my Tweets, we can see that on May 7th it "started wet, mostly sunny. Decent low season day!", and then on the 8th "today is lovely - real low season weather!". On the 9th when I woke up "today looking like a nice one too! Sun is creeping over the hill behind our house" and the 10th got even better "Is it high season again?". Get the idea .. it's been a nice week!

On Saturday 12th in the late afternoon, we took a walk at Sapan Hin, a park in the south of Phuket Town. A very nice evening.

Sapan Hin, Saturday evening

There are always food stalls at Sapan Hin in the afternoons and evenings. We bought some fried chicken ...

Chicken stall at Sapan Hin Phuket

And enjoyed the arrival of the evening ...

Evening at Sapan Hin

The timelapse videos being made from the Patong Beach Webcam are great. Here's the video from Sunday 13th May. As you can see, mostly sunny, partly cloudy, a couple of showers and a bright orange sunset.

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