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No rain. Only sun. I love low season in Phuket!

Well, the last update on the weather blog was 10 days ago. I'd normally update more often, especially in low season (that's now) when the weather normally changes every few days or at least we get a thunderstorm or something worth mentioning, but we have now had nearly 3 weeks of hot, dry weather. No rain. At least, I have not seen any rain. Maybe there has been an isolated shower here and there, it's a big island.

This very long hot spell is just as freaky as the really wet weather we had in the first week of June. We're getting extremes. I think the heat and lack of rain might have contributed to the nasty cough and swollen throat I had last week, hardly slept for a few nights and did not do much at all last week other than work when I had to. Oh, poor me! Anyway, yes you can get a "cold" in hot weather!

The last update was on 15th June. The very next day we took a drive off Phuket, over the bridge and on to Phang Nga Town stopping on the way at Wat Manee Sri Mahathat, which features a large statue of a Monk. We've driven past this temple countless times, this was the first time we stopped, although it was not our main objective.

Wat Manee Sri Mahatat

The temple we were looking for on the 16th was Wat Bang Riang, which I (incorrectly) thought was just a few km outside Phang Nga Town. Actually it's much further than I thought .. more like 40km from Phang Nga Town! On twisty roads going up and down hills. But we got there eventually, very much worth the effort on a hot day.

Big Buddha at Wat Bang Riang

Below - a photo from 19th June. The Big Buddha is having more work done, the head is covered in scaffolding right now. I've not been up there for some months, and when the head is uncovered again I want to get some updated photos. Anyway, the point of this photo was "Look at the blue skies!" .. sure, and a bit of cloud, but not much.

Big Buddha Phuket on 19th June 2012

The last weekend, we had no big day out, but on Sunday evening we all went to watch the football. No, not Euro 2012! Something more exciting - Phuket FC! I'd been to a couple of games before, but this one was special as our son was one of the kids walking out with the players before the game. Was also special as Phuket won the match 8-1 against Chanthaburi FC! A fun evening for Phuket football fans...

Phuket FC supporter with giant flag

Over the next few months I vow to be a bit less lazy and use more time for getting out with the camera. I have a long list of things I'd like to add to Jamie's Phuket Blog. This evening (Monday) I stopped on the way home after work for a beer or two at Sabai Corner, a small bar between Kata and Naiharn beaches, hard to find, not signposted .. it's down a long and winding road that drops towards the sea from the well known Karon Viewpoint. It only opened last year and Chaini (the owner) is adding some bungalows now. What a relaxing spot ....

Sabai Corner Bar Phuket

How much longer will this weather last? Can't be hot and sunny forever, this is low season, there have to be some wet days sometimes! Of course everyone likes the sun, but Phuket is very green and only stays that way because we get rain :)

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