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Hot, Hot, Hot, Hot, Rain!

There does come a point, after so much sun and hot weather, that you start to pray for rain. I prayed to the great Boson, and he didst eventually deliver. The last update on the weather blog was June 25th and we'd already had over 2 weeks with no rain since that nasty spell of weather at the beginning of June. And the heat continued right up to the end of June. No rain for 3 weeks, at least none at my house - maybe there was a little somewhere - small showers or thunderstorms can be very localised.

I need to get off my lazy chair a bit more and take photos during the low season when I have a bit more time. Daily weather updates are beyond me, though I do tend to mention the weather on Twitter. Beach sunset photos are always nice, but I don't live by the beach .. this is the sunset on Wednesday 27th June, the photo was taken about 100m from my house.

Rural sunset in Phuket 27th June 2012

I took a day off work on Thursday (28th June). In the afternoon we were all in Phuket Town. Our daughter is doing some private extra maths lessons, and while she did that my wife, son and I all took a walk in the Phuket Indy Market which is open Thursday and Friday afternoon/evening and is very popular with kids and teenagers.

Girl and guitar

My boy and I then walked along Thalang Road where I saw something say WOW! Well, I must have walked past this before, but in the late afternoon light, it stood out. It's the second floor of an old shophouse on Thalang Road. I like Thalang Road!


July 2nd was the end of the hot, sunny weather. And I made a quick detour on the way home to drive up the hill to the Big Buddha. I was hoping for a nice sunset and thinking of a cold beer, since there are a number of small restaurants on the way up the hill. I stopped at a place with simple tables and umbrellas, calling itself "Sunset Viewpoint". Cold beer, a little dish of complimentary nuts and a sunset. I'll come here again.

Phuket Sunset View

I think this guy found one of the best seats in Phuket ...

Best seat in Phuket?

Nice, right?

And then! Finally some rain on July 3rd, quite a lot actually. My rain gauge measured 69mm from the morning of the 3rd to the morning of the 4th (today). And plenty more today. Tomorrow I feel might be sunny. I made a little video today just outside the dive shop. Welcome to tropical weather.

I like the low season weather, a mix of sun and rain, but sometimes too much sun is ... too much! So for a local, a couple of wet, cool days is very welcome :)

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