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Lots more rain in Phuket!

Well, this low season is a bit abnormal. We had really wet weather a month ago, then over 3 hot weeks with no rain at all, and now we've had almost a week of wet days again. It's meant to be more varied than this, a couple of wetter days, a few nice days, a nice mixture. I am sure nobody was complaining in the second half of June when it was all sunny, but if you have had a holiday this week - mostly wet! The last update on the Phuket weather blog was July 4th. This rainy period started on the 3rd. My last comment on the 4th was "Tomorrow I feel might be sunny" - wrong! The 5th was wetter! And the 6th was quite wet too, but I felt that it would not last into the weekend.

I'll just share a "proud Dad" photo at this point. Our boy on stage on the 6th at a little performance for kids in a "School of Rock" in Phuket. His first time on stage (well, he's only 7). The little concert was supposed to be outdoors at the Queen Sirikit park in the old town, but was moved to an indoor venue due to the rain which was falling outside as the kids played.

Guitar Boy

Saturday 7th, a day off work for me, but rather a wet one. Still, I always advise people to brave the weather a little. Rain always looks worse from indoors. Not so bad once you're outside. Yeh, Saturday was not a day for a hike or a scenic boat trip, but it's just rain - so carry a small umbrella. We took a drive in the afternoon down to Cape Panwa and the Phuket Aquarium. The weather outside was ...

Weather in Phuket July 7th 2012

Coconut Trees in the Wind

But inside was dry and despite this being our 20th visit (approximate) there is always something new to learn and the kids like Dad the Diver to tell them about fish.

Sunday 8th - and more rain! Actually it was quite sunny when I left home at 8:30am. By 9am, at Karon Beach, here was the view ....

Storm approaching Karon Beach Phuket

My rain gauge has been playing up the last couple of days, not sure it's recording all the rainfall, but I can say in the first 9 days of July we've had at least 250mm of rain. Time for sun again now please!

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