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Phuket Low Season - Clouds and Heat

Since the last update on July 18th, things have continued to be a mixture of sunny, hot, cloudy, occasional light rain. Right now there's a minor typhoon dispersing over Vietnam / Cambodia. But that's a long way from here. Today has been hot and sunny though I did measure 6mm of rain at our house last night during a brief heavy shower. A very localised shower - I was at a friends house just a few km away and we saw just a few drops of rain there. The days have been pretty hot this week. Don't ask me for a number in Celsius or Fahrenheit - but if a local says "it's hot!" that means it's hot, OK!

Looking back at my Twitter posts ... the 19th and 20th were perhaps not so great. 19th "This morning's weather .... grey. Shades of grey." and on the 20th "Some very light rain in the night, this morning - grey with a bit of white, and I can see 4 square inches of blue sky .. oh no it's gone."

The 21st was a hot sunny day, and in the evening we took a walk in the "Ket Ho" area of Kathu where they were holding a street fair (it was on 3 nights from Friday to Sunday). Lots of food stalls and dancing and music. There's a much bigger street fair in Kathu coming up soon from 4th - 6th August. A couple of photos from Saturday evening ...

Street Fair at Ketho, Phuket

Street Fair at Ketho, Phuket

Street Fair at Ketho, Phuket

It's been mostly hot and sunny since then, but a bit windy, with some fairly large waves out at sea. A customer from Sunrise Divers came to see me today - great diving he said, but he had to skip the last dive - had to say his prayers to the porcelain god.

Yesterday I took a day off work for our daughter's birthday, and she got a bonus present - school was closed all day due to work on electric lines in the area! Another hot sunny day. We visited a local temple (Wat Kathu) to say some prayers.

Wat Kathu Temple

Kathu Temple

The heat looks set to continue, I hope! We're planning a nice trip this weekend. Been a good week to be in Phuket and also congratulations to Brad Wiggins, Chris Froome, Mark Cavendish and the rest of Team Sky at the Tour de France, which I have been watching every evening! It finished on Sunday, but that was OK, because on Monday I got a delivery from Amazon, an 8 box set of the complete That 70' Show - my wife and I have our viewing for the next 2 months with more than 200 episodes :)

Forecast : Great, and why not? Viva Phuket!

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