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The rain stops. It's sunny. Or wet. Make your mind up!

So.... the last update on July 10th was talking about lots more rain, and for a couple more days it was still rather grey although there was a nice sunset on the 11th, suggesting that the 12th would be all sunny. It wasn't. I had a day off on the 12th (Thursday) but the weather was not great. I was hoping for a nice sunny lunch with a view, but we ate at the food court in the Central Festival shopping mall instead. The sun did appear a few times, but only a few. In the evening while my daughter was at extra maths class in Phuket Town, we visited the Indy Market again, ate a few snacks and I tried my hand at candid photography, snapping at people in the market which is very popular with teenagers...

Phuket Indy Market Candid "Street Photography" Phuket Indy Market Candid "Street Photography"

Phuket Indy Market Candid "Street Photography"

Friday was the 13th of course, one of 3 Friday 13ths this year. Aside from our daughter falling off her bike in the evening (no serious damage), the day passed without any nasty events. The weather was kind of sunny, although early morning I Tweeted "Where's the sun? I feel like my house is enveloped in cloud this morning" - I do tend to Tweet the weather every day, so please do Follow me on Twitter @JamieMonk!

Saturday - hey, another day off. And it was again kind of sunny, but not really. We visited Bang Rong, a Muslim community on the coast in the NE of Phuket. There's a busy jetty where boats head out to Koh Yao Noi island. There's also a floating restaurant in the mangroves which I'd not been to for at least a year. We ate there, simple fried rice and chicken with garlic - the bill was only 260 Baht for 4 of us, and was the best chicken and garlic I'd ever had (maybe). So good that I forgot to take a food-porn photo. But here's a few pics of the Bang Rong area taken on Saturday ...

Old boat man at Bang Rong, Phuket

Longtail boat approaching Bang Rong, Phuket

Paddle boat at Bang Rong Phuket

And look out for the monkeys there!

Monkey eating car aerial

And finally on Sunday, with me sitting all day in the office, it was sunny. Thanks. On Monday morning I stopped at Karon Beach to get a few sunny photos. This is why people fly to Phuket, I know... but hopefully if you read my Jamie's Phuket Blog, you'll see there's so much more!

Karon Beach

Karon Beach

Karon Beach Shadows

And today (Wednesday 18th) is sunny too. It's hard to predict the weather in low season. People are asking me all the time "what will it be like in August? What will it be like on September 12th?" ... I dunno! Might be nice, might be wet, but see you here anyway!

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