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A little rain, a lot of sun. That's low season in Phuket!

I think the weather is now "normal" again. This has been an odd low season with very long hot periods and also long wet spells. You'd normally expect the weather to change every few days. Instead we had weeks of sunny weather in June, July and August, and also a very wet second half of August .. The last update on 4th September was all about sun again, as we had another week of sunny days from 29th August - 4th September. As I wrote the blog in the evening of the 4th, I saw dark clouds gathering and figured the rain would come, and it did. We had a very wet night, and I had to guess the rainfall as my gauge died. Probably more than 60mm overnight, followed by a grey and wet 5th September, with the Meteorological Department issuing a weather warning. Such warnings normally come a day after the bad weather :)

5th September - wet, in the night especially, but then the 6th was OK, a bit grey but no major rain. And then .. 3 hot sunny days on 7th, 8th and 9th. See - the 3 day pattern is back! And last night it rained, and today (11th) has been kind of grey, with patches of sun, and I saw a rainbow this morning. Low season should be more like this, a little bit random ... Probably going to rain tonight too.

Saturday (my day off) was HOT, and along with doing such things as the kids music class and my son's Taekwondo class, we had lunch at Laem Hin Seafood which has long been a favourite place. On a hot day, my spicy seafood salad was perfectly complemented by draught Singha beer with ice :)

Singha Beer with Ice

Highlight of the week - the Por Tor Festival. Not well known and did not surprise me to see no other foreign faces at the shrine on Saturday evening. Went into Phuket Town with the whole family (me, my wife, 2 kids, 2 brothers-in-law and an uncle-in-law!) and very much enjoyed checking out the bakeries where they make huge red turtle cakes which are sold as offerings, left in the temple for the hungry ghosts of ancestors who visit the non-spirit world during this time.

Por Tor Festival 2012 in Phuket

I wrote about the festival last year - see Por Tor Festival 2011, and will probably blog this year's festival too. Inside the Por Tor Kong shrine it was crowded and very very smoky - so much incense burning!

Por Tor Festival 2012 in Phuket

My daughter and I went inside to say prayers ...

Por Tor Festival 2012 in Phuket

And then we headed to the Route 68 bar for a drink and to play pool. We're back into the normal work/school week now, but the kids school term ends in a couple of weeks and we'll take a little holiday, which I am looking forward to before the high season starts. When it's time for our holiday, it's my turn to pray for sunny skies .. when I'm working it doesn't matter too much for me, only for people on holiday :)

A little rain, a lot of sun. That's low season in Phuket!  |  The Phuket Weather Blog

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