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High Season!

Just about the end of October, and I'd say based on the weather, the wind (now blowing a bit from the east and northeast) and the number of divers we suddenly have at the dive shop, it's high season! Last few days have been hot, sunny, but with cool nights, typical of the early months of high season. Clear skies mean cool nights as the daytime heat can escape up to wherever it goes. Note that "cool" in Phuket terms means about 24 or 25 degrees Celsius. I think I've seen my thermometer down to 22 degrees once. Now, October is supposed to be low season still, and October generally has lots of rain, but in the last 3 weeks since we came back from our little holiday, I have measured just 65mm of rain. I think there was more maybe at the end of September and the first week of October, but I don't know, we weren't here in Phuket for a couple of weeks. October is on average the wettest month .. well it's been a dry one this year. Average rainfall for October is over 500mm, and this year even if I add something for the first week, it's probably been the driest October since who-knows-when. I have rain data back to 1998 and the driest October I have records for was 2008, but still with over 300mm of rain. Does this mean we're in for a wet spell later? No sign of it right now that's for sure.

Last update on the weather blog was October 21st. Not really been much change in the weather since then. A bit of wind blew, and the winds have now certainly shifted to the "northeast monsoon" though there's not much wind around at all. Last week it was still the Phuket Vegetarian Festival. It ended on the 24th. I was up early on the 22nd to visit Kathu shrine, got there before 6am (before sunrise) to watch some piercing ceremonies ...

Vegetarian Festival Phuket, 22nd October 2012 at Kathu Shrine

And then to follow the procession through Kathu village. Statues of the emperor gods are carried by groups of young guys and residents throw firecrackers...

Street Procession in Kathu Phuket 22nd October (Vegetarian Festival)

22nd October Vegetarian Festival Procession in Kathu Phuket

More about the festival, thoughts and photos on the Phuket blog ...

Phuket Vegetarian Festival 2012

We did have some rain this week, actually it rained heavily for an hour at Karon Beach, though at our house near Phuket Town it was dry! That was on the 24th, I don't recall any rain since then. I am now back at work every day except Saturdays. I got sunburn working in the garden this past Saturday and was very happy to head to the beach for a few drinks in the evening.

Jumping Boy at Cape Panwa Phuket

(above) Sunset and jumping son at The Beach Bar, Cape Panwa

On Sunday (28th) the weather was even better. And the sunset ...

Karon Beach Phuket Sunset

Meanwhile, tropical storm Son Tinh hit Vietnam, and right now there's Sandy which is over the NE United States causing floods and more. Stay safe everyone.

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