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Phuket Weather Update October 6th 2012

Long time since a weather blog update, as I've not been in Phuket since the last update on Friday 21st September. Well, we were here on the 24th for a day, but had family visiting and my son was sick, so blogs did not get a look in. Let's start with NOW. This morning is sunny, I can see lots of blue sky from our house, hope it stays that way - after a holiday our garden looks a right mess! So today will be a cleaning up day, and then I'm back to work at Sunrise Divers tomorrow. There's no sign of any early change in the seasons - I have looked at the Windguru forecast and the next weeks looks fairly windy, with the wind from the west - so it's still "low season". Rain will come and go as normal. I get a lot of questions about "what will the weather be like on (insert date)?" and the answer in the low season is always the same : Weather will be a mixed bag, make the most of it!

Now a quick look back over the last couple of weeks. We were near Phuket on the weekend 22nd - 23rd September, on an overnight trip to Racha Yai island which was great and I will get it blogged soon. We stayed at Ban Raya Resort, and we got very lucky with the weather - very hot and sunny while we could see across the water that on the Saturday at least it was raining a lot in Phuket. We actually got too much sun, my kids got a bit burned (so did Dad) with lots of snorkeling, swimming and a bit of exploring the island.

Racha Yai Sunrise

(above) Sunrise at Racha Yai island, 23rd September

From 25th September until yesterday, we were away from Phuket completely, I heard reports of the weather here being wet and then sunny, no great surprise for low season. My darn rain gauge seems to be almost dead, so I have no rainfall data for these 10 days. One friend Skyped me to say my gauge would be overflowing. Seems a few days were very wet, but overall the weather here has been good. Meanwhile, we headed north to Chumphon, then on to Hua Hin, then further north to a place called Suan Phung in the hills west of Bangkok, then back to Hua Hin and Chumphon. We had mostly decent weather, a couple of wetter moments, but a very nice family holiday thanks.... a few photos ::

(above) Beer by the beach, Hua Hin

(above) Good seafood

(above) Hua Hin view from Khao Takiab temple

(above) Feeding the sheep at the Scenery farm, Suan Phung

(above) Family at Ao Thungsang beach about 40km north of Chummphon

Normal life starts again now! Back home, though the kids still have a couple of weeks holiday before starting back at school. Updates on the weather blog normally come about once per week, but I also update with comments and / or photos on Twitter - see you there!

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