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November - High Season Starts Now!

Well, the weather this last week is no different to much of October. Although November 1st is officially the start of high season, it's not like the weather changes dramatically, and yet .. in October people are amazed to see sun, and in November, a 30 minute rain shower is greeted in horror.. "I thought it was high season!" is the cry. But despite the weather being the same as last week, there has been a big change at the dive shop. The Similan Islands officially open on November 1st and it's been like a dam opening with emails coming in like a flood. Welcome to high season!

Weather summary this week - mostly sunny, some rain. The end. Not much rain, just a few heavy showers really although Sunday (4th November) was mostly grey and wet .. but not windy. A bit of rain would not stop you having fun, right? By the way, I tend to mention the weather (almost) daily on Twitter, so do follow me for regular weather updates and Phuket news and some more random thoughts.

So, in high season it's mostly about work, just a day off at the weekend. Our weekends tend to be quite busy, the kids do things like music class and taekwondo and we try to get out and about exploring, some days further afield than others. On Saturday this week (3rd November) I just got a feeling to have lunch at Bang Rong, on the northeast coast of Phuket. There's a floating restaurant there in the mangroves that we've been going to for years. And again this Saturday it did not disappoint.

Fisherman's floating house at Bang Rong, Phuket

Local fisherman at Bang Rong

(above) at Bang Rong, Phuket.

And after a very tasty lunch (and get this ... garlic squid, 3 plates of garlic chicken, spicy salad with smoked shrimp, fried rice, steamed rice .. 350 Baht) ... after lunch I dragged the family to Bang Pae Waterfall for a walk in the jungle. Was a hot sweaty afternoon, but in the jungle felt cooler.

Bang Pae Waterfall Phuket

And still time later in the afternoon for sunset, a beer and dinner at The Beach Bar at Cape Panwa. Another of our favourite quiet places...

Phuket Sunset and Beer Chang

(above) Sunset beer on Saturday

You might notice that my photos tend to be of quiet, uncrowded places. Yeh, this is Phuket too! Phuket has it's crowds and busy beaches. But that's not my Phuket :)

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