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December 17th 2012 Phuket Weather

We're certainly into high season now, indeed it's only 8 days until Christmas, not that you'd really notice. I don't feel "Christmasy" and there's hardly a sign of the festive season here though I guess shops and hotels might have some decorations and the kids get a 2 week school holiday starting Wednesday, and yeh we'll put up our much used plastic tree, maybe tomorrow evening. The weather? It's OK, thanks. Mostly hot, a bit of rain here and there, not much wind. With high season in full swing, I'm kind of tired and might stop updating this blog for a while. The main Jamie's Phuket Blog is still running of course and for bite sized updates on many things including the weather please do follow me on Twitter. Twitter is easy to update in single sentences, and I try to mention the weather every day.

To see what the weather is like right now, try the Live Phuket Webcam at Karon Beach or the webcams at Patong or Surin beaches - see links on the left side of the page. Not sure what the weather is like? Do ask a question by leaving a comment on Twitter.

And if you need Phuket hotel booking or information - try Agoda.

If there's any bizarre weather related news, I'll report it here. Thinking of maybe making this blog more newsy in the future, not just weather. For now, Merry Christmas, or if you are American "happy holidays" and please America, try to come up with some form of gun control.

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