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Welcome to December 2012!

First of all, today is December 5th, 85th birthday of King Bhumibol.

King Bhumibol of Thailand

Happy birthday to you, sir!

And now the weather report from Phuket for the last week. Well, I don't seem to recall the details. I know there was some rain and some sun. My rain gauge seems to have packed in / given up the ghost, and I keep forgetting to check it anyway what with working 6 days a week and having a family. We're into high season, it's December, but the weather doesn't seem much different to October or November. A bit of this, a bit of that, mostly nice. Yeh, nobody wants to see rain on holiday, but if it does rain here, make the best of it! I'll have to consult my Twitter feed to see what I wrote about weather over the last week.

28th November : "Wet and grey in Phuket. My rain gauge measured 61mm of rain in the last 24 hours"

Yes that night of the 27th was very wet, but later the same day "Weather getting a bit nicer", but then later still "A light rain now falling at Karon Beach, rain please go away, it's Loy Krathong". Yes! 28th November was Loy Krathong, I did not take any pictures, we went to float our Krathongs at The Beach Bar at Cape Panwa, enjoyed the evening, floated our Krathongs for luck, though the luck lasted as far as our daughter getting bitten by a dog. As a precaution we went to hospital that night to get her a rabies shot. I am now even more of a dog non-lover, certainly don't want to see that dog again. The owner lives in that area and should not bring it to a restaurant again.

29th November : "Beautiful fresh sunny morning here in Phuket, the recent rainy days seem to have ended"

30th November : "Looks like another sunny day coming up in Phuket. Rained yesterday evening for about 20 minutes at our house. Air is clear and fresh"

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20 minutes later than the previous comment on 30th November : "just looked at the Karon Beach webcam, and it's lashing down with rain!"

I was still at home in Kathu (just outside Phuket Town) when I Tweeted about the rain in Karon. Happy to say the the Karon Beach Webcam is now back online at the Marina Phuket Resort after a summer of renovations. Certainly the best webcam in Phuket, and I've just added it to Jamie's Phuket also (see : Karon Beach Phuket Webcam).

Saturday 1st December we had a very nice lunch at Bang Mud floating restaurant off the east coast of Phuket. I'll be blogging about it soon on Jamie's Phuket. You get there by longtail boat ...

Longtail to Bang Mud

Approaching Bang Mud restaurant

Some of our lunch ...

Lunch at Bang Mud Seafood

On the night of the 1st, I heard there was a big rainstorm in the Rawai area of Phuket, but I had no rain at home. Then the morning of December 2nd :

"Rain, rain, rain this morning ... rained on me all the way (20km) from home to work, still raining, welcome to December!"

Afternoon of the 2nd was sunny, so was the 3rd and on the 4th :

"Looking like another perfect sunny morning in Phuket :)"


"Hot, hot afternoon in Phuket!"

And here we are, December 5th already, finally a bit of northeast wind is blowing to make the weather better, it blows the rain away, cools the air slightly. Now it's high season! Been very busy at the dive shop, will try to get a sunset photo tomorrow if I can squeeze out of the office a few minutes early.

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