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Hot and Dry in Phuket

Finally, an update! Actually, the last 4 weeks of Phuket weather can be summed up in 3 words ...


I decided in 2013 that the weather blog did not need regular updates since social media seems to be better for updating the weather in Phuket ... you can follow me on Twitter where the weather gets a daily mention. And I joined Instagram last month - please do follow at - photos almost daily which may also hint at the weather.

On this weather blog there's a great Live Phuket Webcam at Karon Beach or there are plenty of other weather links on the left side of this page for forecasts, satellite images, weather radar and more. All I can do on this blog is say what the weather has been like recently. Don't ask me for forecasts .. I am not a meteorologist and even if I were, it's not possible to say exactly what the weather will be like on May 7th or July 28th. I can be pretty dam sure though, that the weather in Phuket for the next couple of weeks will be, yes ...


Some weather related Tweets from the last few weeks. Please do follow me on Twitter!

12th March : #Phuket #weather now ... Hot and sunny at #Karon ... photo
13th March : Another beautiful Kata Beach sunset this evening :)

(above) Kata Beach, 13th March 2013

14th March : It's a bloody hot day today in Phuket

16th March I had a day off ... wandered around in Phuket Town taking photos at the Market, and at the Shrine of Serene Light (below).

Shrine of the Serene Light

17th March : Weather in Phuket is HOT, HOT, HOT! Not had any rain for weeks
18th March : Phuket weather today : VERY HOT.
20th March : It's hot and sunny again in Phuket.
22nd March : Good morning from a hot and sunny Phuket
24th March : Roasting hot in Phuket today

A pattern is developing - I say again .. it's been HOT AND DRY!

25th March : roasting hot afternoon in Phuket
28th March : After a slightly cooler, cloudy start, Phuket is roasting once again!

29th March ...

(above) Sunset on March 29th, Cape Panwa, Phuket

30th March : Another hot hot morning - photo

31st March ...

(above) at Karon Beach, 31st March 2013

Oh, welcome to April .... The last couple of photos I uploaded to Instagram - please do follow, as almost daily photos will be added showing the weather, food and more.

1st April : #Phuket weather today a little cloudy and not quite so baking hot
2nd April : HOT HOT and HOT

And today was hot too!

Oh, here's something worth a look, and I'll make a blog post out of it soon - in the last 2 weeks I have decided to make an effort to get a bit fitter. It's been over 20 years since I happily rode a bike around the Pyrenees and raced every weekend over the 400 meter hurdles! I have been doing 1 hour fast walks around the Bang Wad reservoir not far from our house in Phuket. It's about 6.5km around the reservoir and in the early morning it's a beautiful place.

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And if you need a hotel booking, look first at Agoda. It's what I use.

Weather looks set to continue hot and dry. Last month (March) I measured a total of 5mm of rain. Driest March ever? And it's going to get hotter in April as we head towards the Songkran festival on April 13th. I am hoping for some rain soon, this is a hot year. More updates soon!

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