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November weather in Phuket

November ... so, officially it's high season. Hotels all fill up. Travel agents overseas see that Phuket is now "sunny", and for me ... it's high season for diving, with the Similan Islands national park open since October 15th, but most boats not starting schedules until early or mid November. We do open year round for local diving, but the Similans are our crown jewel! Anyone want to dive in Phuket .. contact me at Sunrise Divers :)

Weather is weather. I am struggling to keep updating this weather blog. Sometimes it's sunny, sometimes not. Mostly from now until April, the weather will be nice. There will be some unexpected wet spells, and nobody can predict when. There will be rain. High season is also called dry season, but that does not mean 100% dry. Want no rain? The Atacama desert in northern Chile is your place. Phuket is tropical. It can rain any time. In high season there is less rain (on average) than low season. If you come in high season you will get lots of sun and it will be hot. But do not be surprised if a little rain falls.

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And check the links on the right of the page here >>>> several webcams, a weather radar, satellite photos .. you can see what the weather is like. For the most part, ignore forecasts. Don't worry. About a thing. Because every little thing gonna be alright :)

A quick summary of the last 2 weeks using my Tweets and some Instagram and Twitter photos...

November 6th "Lovely and sunny again in Phuket"

(above) Big Burger at Rider Cafe in Phuket Town for dinner on 6th November :)

November 7th "Grey and hazy start to the day in Phuket" (turned out OK though)

November 8th "Sunny morning in Phuket"

November 9th "Grey and rainy after a sunny start to the day .. Not heavy rain but the sky is 100% grey"

(above) Our kittens found a hiding place from the rain :)

Later on the 9th we had dinner by the beach. And a nice sunset ...

November 10th "Hot and sunny morning at Karon Beach" ... and later "Well, it *was* sunny, and then it rained for an hour"

And at this point, can I just say

They shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old. Age shall not weary them, nor years condemn.

RIP to those who died as Typhoon Haiyan ripped across the Philippines.

November 11th "Hot, sunny morning... Sky is blue, white and grey. Likely to be some rain later"

November 12th "I've not mentioned the weather today, how very un-British of me. Well, it's kind of grey. Hot, but mostly grey. No sun, no rain, just grey"

You get these kind of days in November, it's humid and there's not much wind. It can be hazy and hot and then along comes a thunderstorm to liven things up .. and then the air is cool and fresh again.

November 13th "Big thunderstorm last night - my rain gauge measured about 100mm of rainfall! It really did hammer down for a couple of hours"

November 14th "Early morning weather in Phuket .... beautiful, clear fresh morning, no wind, blue skies with some cloud around. It's gonna be a lovely day"

November 15th "Good morning from sunny Phuket :)"

(above) Weather in Phuket, 15th November - this shrine is outside Sunrise Divers.

November 16th "It's a sunny Saturday morning in Phuket"

(above) Breakfast on November 16th - this is called Khao Yam - get it here.

A reminder later on Saturday 16th ... Phuket is still quite rural in many places .. on the main road near our house, all the traffic was slowing down .. here's why :

November 17th was the Loy Krathong festival. We headed to a favourite restaurant by the beach to float our krathong and wish for a happy year ahead. Weather was undecided. Looked like some dark clouds and rain, but nothing happened and the evening was dry.

November 18th, yesterday ... "looks like a hot day on the way. Blue skies, no wind"

And today, November 19th "Good morning from Phuket ... blue skies again this morning. Had a big ol' thunderstorm yesterday evening to clear the air" - yep another big thunder and lightning show last night, but not that much rain at our house. This is the current pattern - mostly sunny, some thunderstorms, which mostly happen in the evening.

If you are coming to Phuket soon - enjoy! And if you need a hotel - I suggest you try using Agoda.

Need more hotel info, ideas for things to do - have a look at my Phuket blog!

See you in Phuket!

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