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January 2014 Weather in Phuket

It's been quite few weeks since the last Phuket weather update - actually it was just after New Year and now January is nearly done! And it's New Year again (Chinese) - January 31st is Chinese New Year's Day, and it's the year of the horse. There's a little 1 night festival at Sanam Chai park in Phuket Town on the 31st and then coming up the week after is the Phuket Old Town Festival (7 - 9 February) and the Chalong Temple Fair is also on over the next 10 days or so ...

I normally refer to my Twitter feed for a look back at the recent weather, but this time, I can simply summarise by saying that the last 3+ weeks has been sunny and dry. No rain. Maybe a few drops somewhere, but I've not seen anything and certainly no heavy rain for a long time - no surprise, since January and February are the driest months of the year.

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Let's look back over the last few weeks with some photos ...

(above) at Bang Wad Reservoir, January 6th

Oh, and I was there on the 9th too (below) ... it's a regular spot for exercise. A walk/jog around the reservoir is 6.5km

(above) Sunset on January 11th. Our son's 9th birthday :)

(above) January 12th in the evening we went for a family birthday treat to the Siam Niramit show :)

And for the next week - really busy at the dive shop (Sunrise Divers) so I was not thinking about blogs or photos for a few days. Weather - hot and sunny of course although there has also been some COLD weather lately - yes, cold! My thermometer has shown temperatures as low as 23°C :) And I heard of some people measuring a bone chilling 19°C in parts of Phuket. In Bangkok morning temperatures have been 18 or less, and in parts of the hilly North of Thailand things have been real cold - under 10°C and even frosty on high ground! All I can say is ... to me, 23 Celsius feels chilly!

(above) 18th January at The Beach Bar. Weather : Perfect.

And more busy days at work combined with extreme laziness ... so not many photos taken ... but if you want to know the weather you can check the webcams (see links on the left side of the blog page) or ask me a question on Twitter :)

Let's finish with a photo from today. I stopped for a few minutes at Kata beach before heading home ...

(above) Kata Beach sunset, 29th January 2014

No sign of any change in the weather. Likely to be warm, sunny, dry, a bit windy for the next few weeks!

See you in Phuket!

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