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February 2014 Weather in Phuket

Rainfall this month, February 2014 : ZERO. This is not actually unusual, as January and February are the driest months on average (see Phuket Rain Averages). The last rain that I saw was on January 7th, so we're close to 2 months now. That's a bit too much - the hills are noticeably dry, looking a bit yellow - and last week there was news of a brush fire on Monkey Hill in Phuket Town, with about 2 Rai (3200 square meters) of trees being burned. And the sky with no clouds. The heat was hot and the ground was dry, but the air was full of sound. Not quite a desert yet! Phuket is actually very green.

If you follow me on Twitter I do mention the weather most days, although this month it has been very repetitive. A cloud in the sky is news. The weather has been like this ...

The diving has been great (not that I have been .. only office work for me!) Lots of sightings of whalesharks and manta rays in February. Still just over 2 months of the main diving season to go. If you are a diver, see you at Sunrise Divers!

During daylight hours, best place to see the weather is one of the webcams - at Karon Beach, Patong Beach or Surin Beach.

So, quick summary - February 2014 in Phuket has been hot, sunny, sometimes a bit breezy, no rain. See you here!

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Some photos from the last month ...

(above) Sunset, 1st February 2014

(above) At Bang Wad Reservoir in the morning, 4th February. I have been here for a morning walk/jog many times this month.

(above) 8th February - CLOUDS! But no rain.

(above) On top of Rang Hill in Phuket Town, 15th February. You can see the grass looks very yellow. Rain, please!

(above) Sunset on 15th February, photo taken at The Beach Bar, Cape Panwa.

(above) View over Patong, 20th February - view from up on the road called Hasip Pee Road on the mountain.

(above) 22nd February, another perfect Phuket sunset :)

(above) and another sunset, 25th February.

Weather forecast : hot and sunny for a few more weeks, but sometime in March there has to be a break in the weather, a few little thunderstorms with 20 minutes of heavy rain would be great.

And that's the weather. See you in Phuket!

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