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It's August! What's the weather like in Phuket?

If you are a follower of this weather blog or just looking in for the latest Phuket weather information ... sorry there has been on update for 1 month (last update July 12th). This is because I spent 3 weeks in England, got back 5 days ago and only just feel human again. A very odd 3 weeks, since I had not been in England since 1999 and was there not for holiday, but to stay with my Mum who has cancer (again, this is her 4th time) and to spend time with my Dad who has had a rapid onset of dementia and is now in a care home. So, not a holiday. The weather in Southeast England during my 3 week stay was actually very good, most days sunny with temperatures in the 20's Celsius. Anything less than 20 and I felt cold. I vaguely kept up with the Phuket weather reports while I was away, but it was not important. It's low season in Phuket, the weather is changeable. You get sun, you get rain, you get cloudy days, you get lovely days. Sometimes the wind blows and there are big waves, sometimes the sea is calm. Low season in Phuket you have to take with a pinch of salt and accept what you are given. But at least the hotels are cheap!

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So I can't really update you on the weather from the last month. I guess it was OK. I got back here on the night of August 6th, thanks to Emirates for the upgrade to Business Class for the London to Dubai half of the journey. Got out of Phuket airport after 9pm and went straight to the nearest noodle shop! You can't get 40 Baht bowls of noodles in England :)

On August 7th I did not wake up until 10:30am. And it was a nice day! In the late afternoon we headed to Sapan Hin park in the south of Phuket Town for our kids to do Thai boxing class and for us to take a walk. Sapan Hin is a popular spot for people to come and exercise or just sit and have a snack (there are plenty of food stalls around). Weather was good.

We also stopped in at Sapan Hin shrine ....

We did get a brief thunderstorm later, a quite normal end to a hot day!

August 8th and 9th - back to work at Sunrise Divers. We're still in the middle of low season. Our "high season" for diving coincides with the weather, since our main destination for diving, the Similan Islands, is only officially open from October 15th to May 15th. So our dive shop is quiet, but plenty of emails and office work to be done :)

August 10th - a day off with several weather Tweets ...

"Hot, sunny morning in Phuket ... clouds building now and not much wind, so could be some thunder this afternoon."

and later ...

"I was right. Heavy shower as I left the house to buy milk at 7 eleven. Just washed the car this morning too dammit!"

Heavy rain for an hour, lots of water on the roads (some might say "floods") but the rain stopped and the sun came out and the water drained away. Not untypical tropical weather. Oh yeh, and we had a "supermoon" though it looked to me like a normal moon.

(above) Supermoon?

Well, the last 2 days (August 11th and 12th) have been very nice! Winds have died down, hardly any waves, lots of blue skies and a few little showers. The kind of days I'd like to be relaxing and not working. I did take a little walk on Karon Beach yesterday morning...

(above) Karon beach, 11th August. Big waves gone, lovely day to be on holiday in Phuket!

And this morning I stopped on the hill between Patong and Karon where you find the old Karon Hill hotel and Centara Villas. Nice view from up there!

(above) View of Karon Beach, 12th August 2014

I hope to update a bit more regularly for the rest of the low season. If you are in Phuket during the next couple of months - enjoy what sunshine you get and don't worry too much about rain. Carpe Diem.

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