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Windguru Forecast for Phuket

Windguru is probably the weather forecast I use most for Phuket. I find that most of the weather websites and news websites have very simple forecasts which for much of the year show a thunderstorm symbol meaning "chance of a thunderstorm". This is normally wrong, but it makes people worried. Sure in a tropical location you do have the chance of a thunderstorm, but that might last 1 hour and only affect a small part of Phuket. Of course there is no perfect forecast. I like Windguru because it shows wind and wave predictions, and since I manage a Phuket dive shop, this is more important than rain - you can dive in the rain, but you might want to reconsider in 25 knot winds and 3 meter waves! Windguru also has some rain prediction, I am not sure if that is really accurate, but overall I find Windguru to be pretty good.

Here's a forecast for the next 3 days for Phuket

For a full 1 week prediction, go to the Windguru Website : Phuket Forecast on Windguru

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