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Phuket Weather Review July 2015

August is with us already (it's the 5th today). The weather so far this month has been typically mixed. Every day different. If you ask me for a weather forecast any time in low season, I will say "mixed". Today was wet, yesterday was sunny, the day before wet, the day before that was sunny. Wanna guess for tomorrow? Basically, if you are here in Phuket during low season (meaning any time mid May - mid October) expect some sun, some rain, some really nice days and (sorry) some rather cr*ppy days!

Here's a quick review of July 2015 using Twitter and some photos. Please do Follow Me on Twitter (@jamiemonk) for weather news, Phuket news, idle chat .. and you can ask questions on Twitter too :) I tend to mention the weather most days.

On Saturday July 4th, a day with no work ... and a typical low season day. Tweet says "A few minutes ago it was pissing down, now sunny with blue skies overhead. On a windy day the showers can pass very quickly!"

Not an ideal day for a day out, but we got to Phuket Town later for dinner at Kopitiam, a regular favourite.

July 5th - similar weather to the 4th, windy, big waves and showers.

July 6th - worse!

And July 7th, also crap!

July 8th, after several wet days in a row (yes this can happen, bad luck if it happens to you!) things were a bit nicer, but I got some kind of stomach bug and spent most of the 8th and 9th in bed. Managed a half day at Sunrise Divers on the 10th.

In fact when I look back, early July was all pretty grey and wet! The 11th was a day of heavy showers and sudden sunny bursts.

July 12th looked better ...

And the evening was good enough for a walk and snack at the old town Sunday market ...

13th however was back to grey and showery weather. July 14th also wet, plus the power was off all day in Karon, so I closed up the dive shop early and answered emails at home. Yeh, now I look at it, half of July was not the best weather! The 15th was also sunshine and showers.

July 17th afternoon we planned to watch the new Terminator movie, but found out it had finished the day before! So we spent the money on lunch at Wine Connection :)

And then a walk at Bang Wad reservoir in Kathu ...

July 18th - sun in the morning, rain later.

July 19th, despite a wet start, we headed out to do some exploring in Phang Nga to the north of Phuket :)

We visited Bang Pat village, very popular with local tourists at weekends, and specially this weekend after Ramadan, lots of Muslims out for a big meal!

And then in the evening, me and the boy went to watch Phuket FC v Songkhla ...

July 20th, another somewhat grey day with some rain, the 21st a little nicer, no rain.

And the 22nd suddenly much, much better weather.

And July 23rd ...

Now that's what I call a nice day! At Karon beach, which had seen big waves the week before, it was like high season.

July 24th (Friday) also very nice, so .. looking good for the weekend.

We got this on Saturday morning (25th) :

Yes it had started sunny, but then the rain really came down hard for an hour.

But things got a lot better so we could take the kids to Phuket Wake Park for a couple of hours.

(above) at the wake park on July 25th.

July 26th another sunny day with some showers.

July 30th was the start of the 3 day Kathu village street culture festival - lots of colour and local food. We just missed the main parade, but I found some of the participants on the street later ...

And on July 31st we drove off Phuket up to Chumphon about 400km north for a few days visiting my wife's family.

And that was July 2015 in Phuket! It was quite damp I suppose. But many days were very nice and much of the time the rain here is not that heavy, bring a light raincoat and a small umbrella and you can do just about anything you want, just there might not be clear blue skies. Hoping for a great August! Cheers!

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