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Phuket Weather August 2015

In the song "April Come She Will", Paul Simon sings "August Die She Must". A lot of my thoughts have been on August 2014. My mother passed away in the early hours of August 29th, just over a year ago. I had spent 3 weeks in England in mid July and early August, and was still somehow hopeful that she'd fight off the Big C again. But within a week of coming back to Phuket, the family was suggesting that I should get to England again. So I flew back just a couple of days before she left us. Dad, meanwhile, had been placed in a care home, as his dementia had got worse. He's still in care now. While I was there, just after Mum died, Dad fell and broke his hip. Oh I can't tell you what a fun couple of weeks I had in early September 2014. I'm heading back for a couple of weeks soon to see Dad and family. So I won't be in Phuket for half of September.

Here's a quick review of Phuket weather during August 2015 looking back at what I posted on Twitter and with some photos. Please do Follow Me on Twitter (@jamiemonk) for weather news, Phuket news, idle chat .. and you can ask questions on Twitter too :) I tend to mention the weather most days.

August had it all. Some really wet days and some really, really lovely sunny days. A typical mix for low season. People often ask "what will the weather be like on these dates : xyz to xyz?" I don't know. Weather changes all the time. If you are coming in low season, you might be lucky, or you might get wet!

First couple of days of August I was not in Phuket - we took a long weekend trip to Chumphon, my wife's hometown. About 380km door to door. Not too far for a long weekend!

Drove back on August 2nd ....

And looked like it had been dry for the 3 days we were away. Our garden was all dry.

And then August 3rd, rain. Lots of rain. I had a tricky drive to work, through some small floods, worrying that my little Honda City would not make it!

August 4th, forecast was awful, but the weather in Phuket was actually good! Until the night time when the rain lashed down again.

August 5th I Tweeted "After a wet, wet night it's a grey morning here."

August 6th the weather Tweet said "Good morning from a grainy Phuket (grainy = grey + rainy)"

August 7th - a really wet and windy day, yuk!

August 8th - grey, cloudy, a few sunny spells, windy.

August 9th - "Sunday morning weather in Phuket ... very windy, but lots of clear blue sky."

Weather was OK for the kids to enjoy some time at the Phuket Wake Park.

August 13th - started dry and got sunny, hooray! And during the next few days, there were several drownings at different beaches. BIG WAVES = DON'T SWIM! Please!

August 15th .. we drove to Phang Nga and went White Water Rafting!

Great day! After the rafting, we headed to Khao Lak and checked in at The Leaf On The Sands hotel. Great!

Read more about out weekend - Rafting and Staying in Khao Lak.

And we got very lucky with the weather - you can see earlier in August some wet days, but on 15th and 16th, great weather!

Khao Lak - Nangthong Beach

(above) Khao Lak, morning of 16th August. My son and his buddies enjoying perfect low season beach time!

August 17th, a sunny Monday, but a very sad evening for Thailand - the bomb at the Erawan Shrine took everyone by surprise. Nothing like this has happened before. I tried following updates on Twitter, but conflicting reports came in thick and fast. It was a bad night.

August 18th a day to think about what had happened last night, the weather seemed unimportant. It was sunny in Karon beach while I worked. My wife told me it piss3d down in Kathu where we live.

(above) Perfect on August 19th

August 20th started grey, got wet and then very wet, a few more little floods here and there.

August 21st was mostly grey

August 22nd mostly wet! But cleared up in the late afternoon. So me and the boy went for some exercise at Bang Wad Reservoir.

August 23rd - much nicer, thanks! We took a drive to Surin and Laem Sing beach, and still had time to let the kids have a couple of hours at the wake park.

August 24th, woke to the sound of rain. But things got nicer. A mostly sunny day.

August 25th. A day to remember what would have been Mum's 71st birthday. Weather was OK.

August 26th (above) . Want a typical low season day? That's it. A bit sunny, a bit cloudy, might rain, might not rain.

August 27th, and there did arrive on the land of Phuket a blanket of haze. Or something. Was it from fires burning in Sumatra? Or just a kind of fog? Not sure!

August 28th was still hazy. The 29th started sunny, got rainy, then sunny again. Kids were at the wake park all day! I had one of my house and garden work days. Ah yes it's not all cocktails on the beach living in Phuket. There's real life to get on with, bills to pay, family to look after. But I'd certainly rather be here than England.

August 30th - planned to drive to Nai Yang beach, but got stuck shopping in the Central Festival mall :) Ah well. But in the evening, headed into town. The Por Tor Festival has started.

August 31st - was there any weather? Nothing to report!

September is typically quite wet, but has not been wet these first couple of days. I hope England is not too cold!

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