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What is the weather like in Phuket now?

When I started the Phuket weather blog in 2006 I had more time for (almost) daily updates, which later became monthly updates and by 2016, almost no updates, sorry! My main blog - Jamie's Phuket Blog kept going, and the weather was often mentioned on Twitter. But .... last year I left Phuket - our family has moved to the UK. So although I do ReTweet other people's Phuket news and photos, there are no updates from me. To get a very good idea of the latest weather in Phuket, there are plenty of pages on this blog with real-time information.


Karon Beach Webcam
Patong Beach Webcam

(there are sometimes other webcams online - check More Thailand Webcams)

Phuket Weather Tools

Phuket Weather Radar

Accuweather Phuket Weather Forecast

Windguru Wind and Wave Forecast for Phuket

More Phuket Weather Forecasts

And for plenty more Phuket information - Jamie's Phuket Blog is the place to be!

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